Python syntax checker: How to Check Python Code Syntax

Checking a syntax while coding is a crucial feature designed to test the validity of the ladder program during its development. Therefore, when the Syntax Check is run, all programs within the project are checked in succession.

Python has commands and tools to help you write better, bug-free, error-free, refactored-reusable code. But, first, let’s explore syntax checking in Python in detail.

Python is a server-side scripting programming language. However, it can also be employed as a general-purpose programming language.

Python syntax checker

Python error-checker tool lets you detect mistakes in syntax ( lint). In addition, you can check code in Python programming online from your browser.

If a syntax mistake is identified, the error line is highlighted and will jump to it to help reduce the time (no need to go through for the lines).

It is beneficial to conduct tests online to speed up the process (deployment …).

To check Python code syntax without executing it, use the Python -m py_compile command. 

For better syntax checking in Python, use one of these tools:

  • PyChecker: It is a tool for finding errors in Python source code.
  • Pyflakes: It is a simple program that checks source files for errors in Python.
  • Pylint: It is a static code analysis tool that looks for programming errors helps enforce a coding standard.

Pychecker: Python syntax checker tool

PyChecker is similar to lint. PyChecker tool works in a variety of ways. First, it imports each module. If there is an import error, the module cannot be processed. 

To use PyChecker, pass options, and the python source files (or packages), you want to check on the command line:

pychecker [options], ...

Pyflakes: Python syntax checker program

The Pyflakes is a simple program that checks Python source files for errors. Pyflakes analyzes code and detects various errors. To install pyflakes, type the following command.

python3 -m pip install pyflakes

Pylint: Python linter for syntax check

Pylint is a Python static code analysis tool that looks for programming errors, helps implement a coding standard, gasps for code smells, and offers simple, highly usable code refactoring suggestions.

To install pylint, type the following command.

python3 -m pip install pylint

That’s it for this tutorial.

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